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Balconia Frameless Glass Panels

Balconia is a European engineered frameless sliding (double glazed) window system and is currently selling in over 60 countries. Its quality is only surpassed with beauty.

Replacing the outdated bi-fold door which is bulky and aesthetically obstructive, Balconia’s versatility is trending towards enclosing balconies in apartments for that extra bedroom or value adding space for storage or winter garden room.

For growing families or an expanding home business it’s also perfect for enclosing a space in your home.

Water sealed against the natural elements by using 3M magnetic seals to ensure water tightness and security.

Heat Insulation

Balconia frameless sliding windows enables open balconies to become enclosed transforming your area into a innovative double glazed balcony system.


The design of our frameless sliding windows enables easy integration of new and existing open balconies, an instant balustrade upgrade.

Smart Water Drainage

Balconia’s balustrade system, has a drainage system which transfers all water outside.

Adding Value

To Your Architectural Design

Balconies are the most eye-catching parts of façade design of a building. Balconia glazing and railing system is designed through aesthetical aspects. Combined with Balconia’s double glazed system, the design of the balustrade allows the perfect combination of panel profiles and balustrade pillars.

So from an outer view, both balcony glazing profiles and balustrade pillars are standing on a line. The same harmony is also provided in the corner pillars.

Easy Clean

Balconia’s double glazed system can clean both sides from the inside.


Balconia’s Double Glazed Balustrade System and all accessories are warranted for anticorrosion.

Heat Insulation

On the glass and profile joints of the system, water and dust isolation are provided by specially designed EPDM lock and plugs.


The Double Glazed System can be used and installed onto any  balustrade and existing balcony without problem.

Safety First

Glass are not assembled with lath on the external side; instead it is placed by sliding it from the top side to the bottom.

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